4.1. Component/Infrastructure models

The component and infrastructure models describe the system setup. Split up in system components and the technical infrastructure.

The modbus exporter allows exporting values from a master server instance using the Modbus TCP protocol. In this case Eclipse SCADA acts as a Modbus TCP Slave.


The default modbus TCP port number is 502. While it is technically possible to use this port number, it is below 1024, which makes it a privilged port on most Unix based systems.

Therefore it is recommended to use a different port, one greater than 1024. Otherwise the Eclipse SCADA software stack has to be run with root privileges.

The layout of the registers follows a certain structure.

Registersize (registers)TypeDescription
01WORD Bit encoded state information
14INT64 Unix timestamp (milliseconds, UTC)
5depends on typespecified data type Value

The REST exporter allows exposing values from a master server instance as HTTP endpoints.