Chapter 4. Configuration

Table of Contents

4.1. Component/Infrastructure models
4.1.1. Modbus Exporter
4.1.2. REST Exporter
4.2. Recipes
4.2.1. Definition
4.2.2. Task
4.2.3. Execute
4.2.4. Recipe handlers

Eclipse SCADA consists of many different configuration options. Therefore the whole configuration process is split up into several parts.

The first layer is the actual configuration required by the different software components. This can be custom XML files, system properties or the CA mechanism.

The second layer is the world model, which wraps up all different configurations of the first layer and capture it in an EMF model, unless the first layer already is an EMF model.

The third layer is the component/infrastructure model. It defines the system infrastructure (nodes, applications, etc, …) and the different components (sensor value, namespace, etc, …).

In addition there are tool models that aid in processing the configuration. Like the recipes or the globalization model.